Westcott Right- & Left-Handed Scissors For Kids, 5’’ Blunt Scissors, Assorted, 2 Pack (13168-030)


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Kids’ Scissors: Available in assorted colors kids love, our kid scissors for home and school are specially designed to accommodate a child’s hand


all purpose scissors

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all purpose

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Westcott All Purpose Scissors

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All Purpose

Westcott has provided the world with innovative and well-designed products for over a century… at affordable prices, without sacrificing quality. Westcott is dedicated to supporting education and inspiring creative activities in the classroom and at home. Products are specifically designed for growing students, created to be fun and functional with superior quality and great value.

Perfect for Everyday Use

Westcott All Purpose scissors are ideal for use in the home, office or classroom. They feature sharp stainless steel blades with handles that are especially designed for a child’s hand. The perfect scissors for light duty use, cutting through paper, ribbon and photos.

Developed for Reliability

These scissors are reliable with extra strong and durable stainless steel safety blades. Molded, symmetrical handles allowing for either left or right-handed use. The blades will stay super sharp and smooth-cutting for years making them an exceptional value like all Westcott products.

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Westcott: An American Brand Since 1872

With over 150 years of history, Westcott has shown its reliability time and again by providing customers around the world with great cutting and measuring tools. Westcott combines knowledge, skills, and methods developed since 1872 with the technology to create one of the best products available. Revolutionary coating and cutting technology has made our patented Titanium Bonded Scissors the most popular around the globe. We not only make sure our scissors perform to a good standard but we also integrate our technology into the blades of our sharpeners, paper trimmers, and craft tools. A majority of Westcott products feature coating technology that provides protection, resilience, durability and strength.

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