Vmaisi Adhesive Magnetic Cabinet Locks (12 Locks and 2 Keys)


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WORKS FOR MOST CABINETS AND DRAWERS: Baby proofing magnetic cabinet locks work on cabinets and drawers door for childproof. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom, pantry room, storage area, and bedroom


Vmaisi Magnetic Cabinet Locks (12 Locks and 2 keys)

baby proofing vmaisi magnetic cabinet locks

Child Safety Cabinet Lock is the patent-pending magnetic cabinet lock from Vmaisi Safety that is simple, stylish and most of all secure. ChildProof Cabinet Lock is hidden away from sight: it can be installed most place: in the bathroom, kitchen, under the sink, on drawers, laundry room cabinet doors, etc. Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks innovative design makes it the best childproofing cabinet lock available.

Simple installation with Installation Template (1 x cradle)Easy of use with adhesiveExtra Stronger magnets work on 0.75 to 2 inches cabinet door12 locks and 2 keys for most Cabinets use

12 Locks Magnetic Cabinet Locks Easy Installation with Installation Helper (Cradle)

Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks Child Safety Latches Childproof

Love your baby and keep safe! Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks Child Safety must be have items for Mom.

Step 1: Insert latches into cradle (installation Template), Peel off adhesive and stick on the cupboard. Align the cradle with the side frame of cabinets.

Step 2: Insert locks into cradle (installation helper), then switch off and peel off adhesive.

Step 3: Closed the cupboard door and let locks stick on the door automatic. then pressure locks and make adhesive more effective. Switch on locks and use magnetic key to test locks are workable.

Step 4: Done, you can close the door and locks are start work now. You can not open the door without a key.

PS: Keep 24 hours before your first use for max adhesive.

Avoid install locks near iron,metal knob,handle or screws.

(Magnetic cabinet locks are not working well near metal)

Extra Feature: Switch Off When Baby is not here.

magnetic cabinet locks switch off feature baby proofing

Easy Installation and Love Switch Off Feature

Easy installation. The adhesive is working so far. Love that you can turn the locking mechanism off. So you can be easily switched off when baby isn’t here

magnetic locks list

Magnetic Cabinet Locks Installation

Use Stronger Adhesive

Extra Feature: Disable lock if you do not need lock work at sometime

Extra stronger TapeUpgraded magnetic locks and keys. Work on max 2 inches cupboard

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Extra Stronger Magnetic Cabinet Locks Work on 0.75 to 2 inches Thick Cabinets Door

Baby Proofing Upgraded magnetic cabinet locks can work on 0.75 to 2 inches thick cabinets door and drawers.

Our solution: use extra stronger magnetic locks and work for thick max 2 inches board. for wood, glass cabinets or drawers. dresses drawers etc.. any metal cabinets are not work for magnetic locks.

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