Sakura Pigma 30067 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set, Black, 8/Set


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THE GO-TO TOOL FOR ART WORK & PLAY: Micron is the fineliner standard that delivers with precision


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Pigma Ink on Paper Fibers Comparison Chart

Pigma Ink Light Exposure Fade Resistant

Archival PIGMA Ink

Invented by Sakura in 1982, continues to be the most reliable in on the market today. Pigma ink benefits:

– Waterproof.

– Pigment based ink using single color pigments.

– Fade Resistant.

– No smears or feathers on most papers.

– Ink dries to pH neutral.

PIGMA Pigment Based Ink Performance

Pigment Molecules are 100 times bigger and more chemically complex than dye molecules allowing it to stay within the top layer of the paper rather than absorbing through the paper causing bleed-thru.

Pigment Versus Dye Ink

The larger and more chemically complex molecules inherently makes them longer lasting; therefore, less susceptible to UV rays, chemical degradation and pollution from contact with oils.

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Pigma Ink Products Line Width Variation Info Chart

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