Puzzle Presto! Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver: The Original and Still the Best Way to Preserve Your Finished Puzzle!


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THE ORIGINAL PUZZLE SAVER – Made in the USA Since 2007 by Premium Puzzle Manufacturer, Buffalo Games. This is a Product Made by Puzzle Enthusiasts for Puzzle Enthusiasts.


Puzzle Presto Background

Puzzle Presto

The original and still the best way to preserve your finished puzzle.

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More About Puzzle Presto

Puzzle Presto With Puzzles

Puzzle Presto Contents

Apply Adhesive

Puzzle Presto Adhesive Hangers

Works on Different Puzzle Sizes

Each pack of Puzzle Presto contains 6 adhesive sheets that can be used to save two 300/500 piece puzzles or one 1,000 piece puzzle.

No Messy Clean Up

Peel, stick, and your puzzle is saved. Puzzle Presto quickly and easily seals your puzzle permanently in its original pristine finish with no messy clean up.

Applying the Sheets

Apply the sheets to the back of the puzzle. While the adhesive seals the puzzle immediately, it is best to let your freshly sealed puzzle sit flat for a few hours before handling it.

Contains 2 Self Adhesive Hangers

Affix adhesive hangers to the back of your saved puzzle for easy hanging. Use one centered hanger for a 300/500 piece puzzle and two evenly spaced hangers for a 750/1000 piece puzzle.

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Puzzle Presto with Pieces

Say Goodbye to Puzzle Glue

– Easy and effective application.

– No mess, done in seconds.

– Compatible with any piece count.

– Includes self adhesive hangers.

– Made in the USA since 2007 by premium puzzle manufacturer, Buffalo Games.

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