Purina Friskies Made in USA Cat Treats; Party Mix Chicken Lovers Crunch – 20 oz. Canister


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Real chicken is the #1 ingredient


Purina Friskies cat food

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Bowls of Friskies dry, wet and pate cat food varieties

A World of Tasty Adventures

At Friskies, we put the “F” in variety with a world full of fun and fantastic flavors! Featuring more than 101 choices including wet food, dry food, complements and treats, our offerings are your cat’s eating dream come true! From tender pates to crunchy bites, every imaginative recipe takes your cat on an amazing flavor journey. To top it off, we make all our cat-tastic recipes with high-quality ingredients for 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats!

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Adult cat with cans of Friskies wet cat food with real seafood, chicken and gravy

Adult cat with varieties of Friskies wet and dry cat foods and complements

Real meat, poultry and fish

Friskies wet cat food cans with gravy

Yummy Tastes!

Fish-a-licious flavors. Beef-tastic bites. Chicken flavors that make your cat want to cha-cha! And that’s just the start. Our mouthwatering recipes serve up the yummy flavors cats can’t resist!

101 Varieties … and counting.

Creating a world of exciting tastes for your cat is what Friskies is all about! With irresistible tastes, enticing aromas, exciting textures and quality ingredients, we put the me-wow in your cat’s meals.

High-Quality Protein Please!

At Friskies, we put the purr in purr-otein, with delicious high-quality protein as part of our meals. Our formulas help support your cat’s muscles to maintain her strength as she climbs, jumps, explores and knocks things over with style.

Hello hydration … in wet food!

Wet food is not only yummy to your cat; it can help provide the hydration she needs! If she’s not drinking enough water, let her eat up our wet food to help increase her daily water intake!

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Dry Cat Food


Wet Cat Food

Varieties Available

Lil’ Soups

Gravy Swirlers, Seafood Sensations, Surfin’ n’ Turfin’ Favorites, Indoor Delights, Tender & Crunchy, Farm Favorites, Ocean Favorites

Party Mix

Extra Gravy, Indoor, Tasty Treasures, Gravy Sensations, Farm Favorites, Ocean Favorites

Textures Available


Dry, Shreds & Dry


Pate, Shreds, Filets, Gravy, Flaked

Specialized Nutrition Options

Grain Free


Natural with added vitamins, minerals & nutrients