PetSafe Ultrasonic Dog Training Devices – Correct Behavior such as Barking with No Collar Required – Range up to 25 to 30 Feet – Emits a Sound Similar to Dog Whistle


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REWARDS GOOD BEHAVIOR: Emits a positive tone to train and reward your dog for good behaviors


trainer dog remote barking jumping chewing problem solution collar control Training digging train

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trainer dog remote barking jumping chewing problem solution collar control Training digging train

Do you speak dog?

Break the communication barrier between you and your dog by using PetSafe’s Ultrasonic Remote Trainer!

Made to be used anywhere to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, so you can live happily together!

A Company You Can Trust

Global brand in pet products for nearly 30 years

U.S.-based experts available

We help pets and their people live happily together!

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It’s quick and easy to start training!

insert 9-volt battery into unit

test remote control

Train your dog

1. Insert Battery

Remove 2 screws on the back of the unit and insert 1 9-volt battery (not included). Battery life can last up to a year depending on use.

A low battery indicator will alert you when it’s time for a new battery.

2. Test Remote

Test the unit by pressing “P” button for an audible tone and activation light.

When the “N” button is pressed, the remote trainer emits an ultrasonic tone similar to a dog-whistle. This sound is inaudible to most humans. Follow instructions for proper use.

3. Train Over Time

Use to correct unwanted behavior such as jumping or digging. Can be used in a distance of up to 30 feet.

Actively train and reward your dog with praise when you get the desired results. This product may not work on deaf or hearing impaired dogs.

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Which training solution is right for you?

static pet correction

Spray pet correction

ultrasonic pet correction

Use a very mild, harmless electric stimulation that interrupts bad behavior to get your dog’s attention.

Use a light citronella or unscented spray to kindly remind your dog when it’s time to behave.

Use an ultrasonic tone to deter nuisance barking, giving you peace and quiet wherever you and your dog go.

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Teach your pooch all the skills they need with the PetSafe Static Remote Trainer. Helps you improve their behavior with the push of a button. Great for around the house or backyard.

The PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer is an alternative training method that lets you use a gentle mist of spray, tone or vibration to train your dog.

Feed your pet from anywhere with the PetSafe Smart Feed. Set your pet’s feeding schedule through the smartphone app-enabled feeder.

The PetSafe 2 Gallon Pet Fountain features a free-falling water stream with adjustable flow control. Choose from nearly silent circulation on the lowest setting to a tranquil stream on the highest.

The PetSafe Ricochet Electronic Dog Toy features 2 paired toys that will have your dog bouncing back and forth as he tries to catch a “moving” squeak sound.