Paxcoo 1mm Elastic Bracelet String Cord Stretch Bead Cord for Jewelry Making and bracelet Making


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VALUE PACK OF ELASTIC CORD – Paxcoo bracelet string comes with a roll of 100m/ 328ft clear elastic cord, ideal for bracelet making, jewelry making, beading, necklace making and other art craft projects


Paxcoo 1mm Elastic Bracelet string cord for jewelry making

Paxcoo elastic string is made of high quality strong & stretchy polyester material that are perfect for bracelet, necklace, bead weaving and other jewelry craft projects

Product Specifications:

Material: elastic polyester spandex

Cord Shape: flat shape

Measurement: 0.7 x 1.0mm (Thickness x Width) / 0.027 x 0.039 inch

Length: approx. 100 m / 328 ft

Color: white

Package Include:

?1 roll of elastic string cord

How to use:

STEP 1: Choose how many layers of elastic string to use according to the diameter of the hole on the beads. It is recommended to use double layer.

STEP 2: Folded elastic string. Use the bead wire to grip the loop of the folded elastic string.

STEP 3: Thread the beads until the bracelet fits your wrist (Kindly Prompt: The length of cord= wrist size x 2 + 40cm)

STEP 4: Thread the cord ends through the other loop side to knot the cord.

STEP 5: Tighten the cord, adjust the size between beads to make them close together

STEP 6: Tie a double knot for two strands of cord, and scissor the unnecessary part of cord. Reinforce with glue or nail polish if necessary

STEP 7: Hide the knot in one of beads

Paxcoo 1mm Elastic Bracelet String Cord Stretch Bead Cord(White, Flat)

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1 mm x 0.7 mm

1.5 mm

0.8 mm

0.8 mm

1.2 mm














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131 Yards

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