NIUPIKA Ring Sizer Set Finger Size Gauge Measure Tool Jewelry Sizing Tools Rings Size 1-13 with Half Size 27 Pieces


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Ring sizer kit come in half sizes, ( “-” Means 1/2 size. “-6” is 6.5, “-7” is 7.5, “-8” is 8.5 etc), no quarter sizes




The Ring Sizer Is Great Choice To Help Confirm Finger Size For Buying An Ring.

If you are preparing for a wedding, shopping for that special someone.Just put one of rings on your fingers for fitment, can get the right size for fingers.Used to help engagement ring sizing on secret. NIUPIKA ring gauges set is convenient way to measure finger size. Great for someone get into jewelry-making as hobby.


Easy to separate from stemIncluding US size and UK size. with full and half sizes

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NIUPIKA Ring Gauges Finger Sizer

The ring sizer comes with 27 individual gauges, USA sizes 1-13, including half increments.Spanning a wide range of sizes, offer enough options to fit nearly any size finger.Accurately measures a variety of ring sizes