Nexcare Gentle Paper First Aid Tape, Tears Easily, 2 Rolls


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The #1 paper tape in hospitals. Hospital brand – Micropore Surgical Tape. Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape treats your delicate skin with the respect it deserves, with a gentle adhesive formulation that aims to be non irritating for frequent gauze changes


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Tape roll length 10 yards, width 1 inch

Breathable, non-irritating and hypoallergenic

Tears easily in both directions for hassle-free application

Ideal for securing gauze and dressings

Use for frequent changes, fragile skin and post-surgery applications

Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape

Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape treats your delicate skin with the respect it deserves, with a gentle adhesive formulation that aims to be non-irritating for frequent gauze changes.

This medical tape is easy to apply and can be removed with minimal skin trauma or discomfort.

Whether you’re post-surgery or nursing a wound, use Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape.

From the #1 leader in U.S. hospital tapes

Adhesive sticks to wet, damp skin


Breathable design provides comfort

Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested

Known in hospitals as 3M Micropore Surgical Tape (clinicians will refer to this most commonly as paper tape)

Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex

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I found this tape to be extremely gentle to the skin. Nexcare tapes are the best! -Sammy Jo, WA

Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape FAQs

What is the best way to start my roll of Tape?

For Nexcare tape rolls that do not come with dispensers, run your finger around the roll until you feel a ridge. This is the edge of the tape. Use your fingernail to lift up the edge, then unroll whatever size piece you need. The tape tears easily by hand, so no need for scissors.

Tip: turn a short piece at the leading edge of the tape under to create an easy starting point for the next time you need it.

How do I remove a bandage/tape or dressing that will not release easily from my or my child’s skin?

If a bandage, tape or dressing is not easily releasing avoid pulling on it, instead work a little baby oil or cooking oil into the adhesive to help the product release from the skin. Or use ice (covered with a paper towel) for 5 minutes or less. Ice will make the adhesive brittle, which may cause it to release.

Do you have any products for sensitive skin?

If your skin has a tendency to react to adhesive, try our line of Sensitive Skin Products. They were designed for easy removal and are repositionable. Available in a bandage, tape, dressing and eye patch. Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape is also available in a 1″ x 10 yd. roll; 2″ x 10 yd. roll and a tape dispenser (3/4″ x 8 yds).

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