Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks Dog Treats for Dogs of All Sizes


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Tasty mini dog treats prepared with care and right-sized for treating more often


Milk-Bone Dog Life is more fun

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Treats to Entertain and Engage

These tasty treats come in a variety of fun shapes, sizes, and flavors to help make any moment special. From our classic, crunchy biscuits to tender chews, there’s something for every dog to enjoy!

Whether they’re helping the medicine go down or providing some extra nutrients, health and wellness treats are wholesome and enjoyable! Find everything from dental treats to pill pouches.

The unique shapes and delicious tastes of these rewarding treats are sure to get your dog’s tail wagging! Check out our 100% rawhide-free, long-lasting chews that are easy on the digestive system.

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Choose the right size for your dog

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The Story of Milk Bone

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