Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 100 Count


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PRESTERILIZED- Our milk storage bags have a double zipper seal to prevent leaks


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Bags Features

Product Features

1) Presterilized Tear Away Seal

2) Easy Write Label

3) Double Zipper Seal

4) Guideline for Direct Pumping

5) Reinforced Double Side Seam

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

Super Strong and Durable

Our storage bags are designed to safely collect, store, protect, and freeze precious liquid gold breastmilk for nursing moms.

Pump directly into our bags with Lansinoh pumps or any major brand using the adapter

BPA and BPS Free

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#1 Selling Brand

Lansinoh is the #1 selling brand of breastmilk storage bags and breastfeeding supplies in the US.

Easy to Use

Designed with easy write label, pour spout, and other features to simplify the filling of the bags and storage of breastmilk.

Fridge or Freezer Compatible

Store upright in the fridge or lay flat to safely freeze breastmilk storage bags with up to 6oz of milk.

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Care, Pump, Store, and Feed

Lansinoh has an array of products for moms and babies focusing on nipple and breast care, pumping moms, breastmilk storage, and feeding your little one. To learn more, visit our Brand Store by clicking the word Lansinoh at the end of the product title.

FSA/HSA Eligible Products

Great news mamas! The majority of our Lansinoh products are FSA and HSA eligible and will let you know if they are at checkout.

New from Lansinoh

We’re constantly innovating to bring the best tools to enable moms and babies to get the best start in their new lives. Our newest releases include soft Washable Nursing Pads, a letdown Breastmilk Collector, 7 ingredient Organic Nipple Balm, our quietest pump yet, the Smartpump 2.0, and glass feeding bottles.

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