IAMS Proactive Health Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Control Dry Cat Food


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Chicken is the 1st ingredient in this nutrient-rich cat food, formulated to help support strong muscles and provide your cat with healthy energy to play



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Real Animal Protein Is the #1 Ingredient

High-quality, natural animal protein is used in IAMS Cat Food formulas.

No Artificial Preservatives.

Our high-quality, premium recipes are made with no artificial preservatives, no synthetic dyes, and no wheat.

100% Complete & Balanced Nutrition, 0% Fillers

IAMS Dry Cat has a tailored range of proactive nutrition that cats need to be at their unique best throughout their lives.

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IAMS: Nutrition As Unique As They Are

Any Age, Any Size, Kitten, Young Cat, Senior Cat, Old Cat, Mature Cat, Aging Cats, Small, Large

Skin Health, Coat Health, Skin Care, Healthy Coat, Healthy Skin, Omega 3 6, Antioxidants

Specialized Needs, Urinary Care, Weight Control, Urinary Tract Health, Hairball Control Cat Food

Kitten, adult, or senior… there’s an IAMS Cat Food that perfectly fits your cat’s age and size.

IAMS Skin & Coat Formulas feature key nutrients, like omega-6, to promote healthy skin and a glossy coat.

From hairball control and healthy digestion to weight control and urinary tract health, IAMS provides nutrition as unique as they are to meet their specialized needs.

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