Goody Ouchless Womens Elastic Hair Tie – 27 Count, Black – 4MM for Medium Hair- Hair Accessories for Women Perfect for Long Lasting Braids, Ponytails and More – Pain-Free


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Ouchless: Our pain-free, no-metal elastics won’t snag or pull your hair. Keeping you cute and comfy all day long. It’s all Goody.


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Elastics for every hair type!

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Since 1907, Goody has been the go-to brand to help you achieve any look. So pull it back or hold it up with our classic hair accessories and styling tools that come in a wide range of styles and shapes.

Goody Medium Ouchless Elastics

For Medium Hair

Beauty doesn’t always mean pain. Goody Ouchless Elastics will keep you cute and comfy all day long. So, twist it or wrap it – don’t worry about it!

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2MM Ouchless Thin Elastics

4MM Ouchless Medium Elastics

4MM Ouchless Medium Elastics Value Pack

XL Ouchless Elastics

Xl & X-Thick Ouchless Elastics

Forever Ouchless Elastics

Hair Type

Fine/Thin Hair

Medium Hair

Medium Hair

Thick Hair

Thick Hair

Medium to Thick Hair

Size and Dimensions

140mm in diameter, 2mm in width

140mm in diameter, 4mm in width

140mm in diameter, 4mm in width

280mm in diameter, 4mm in width

280mm in diameter, 8mm in width

160mm in diameter, variable width

Benefits and Usage

The Goody 2MM elastic is great for holding finer or thinner hair types. These thinner elastics are perfect for ponytails on thinner or finer hair types and have a less visible profile. The smaller diameter means less slipping and sliding.

The 4MM is Goody’s most popular type of elastic! These elastics are great for pulling your hair up any time of day. The wide shade selection makes it easier to match to your hair or wear your favorite colors!

Goody’s black 4MM elastic now comes in a value storage pack so you have even more to share! The Goody value elastics comes in a storage pack with a perforated back. This pack is great for storing elastics in drawers around the house!

Goody’s extra long elastics are a much longer version of 4MM letting you wrap your elastic even more for a better hold. These elastics are great for thick, curly hair. It’s longer length makes it easier to put even the thickest hair into a ponytail.

Goody’s extra thick 8MM elastics are longer and thicker than our basic 4MMs. Extra thickness and a longer length offer stronger hold and even more stretch. These elastics are great for thick, curly hair that wants a stronger hold.

Goody’s Forever elastics have a 16-strand inner core that allows them to retain their shape and bounce back after each use. These super stretchy elastics can wrap around even the thickest ponytails and have a bead to prevent snapping elastics!