Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit for 2-Inch Flush Valves, Easy Install


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400CR Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit

Fix the two most common causes of a running toilet with a Fluidmaster Fill Valve and Flapper Kit. The kit includes the iconic 400A fill valve, the most popular toilet fill valve in the world.

Get your toilet flushing like new again

Kit includes a solid frame flapper that aligns with the tank drain every time for a consistent, powerful flush. The whole kit can be installed in ten minutes or less and will get your toilet flushing like new again. This product replaces a leaky flapper & damaged fill valve.

Easy to use

Highly durable

Solution to fix a noisy and running toilet

For use in 3.5 gallons per flush toilets or larger

Includes the 400A Fill Valve and the 501 Flapper

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Fluidmaster 60th


Trusted, Durable Toilet Repair Parts Since 1957.

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