Dekor Plus Diaper Pail Refills | 2 Count | Most Economical Refill System | Quick & Easy to Replace | No Preset Bag Size – Use Only What You Need | Exclusive End-of-Liner Marking | Baby Powder Scent


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No Preset Perforations or Bag Size


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Fits all Dékor Plus Pails

Easy to Install & Use

New End of Liner Marking

No Wasteful Disposable Cartridges

No Preset Perforations

Made with 20% Recycled Materials

Pleasing Powder-Scent

Tough on Odor

You Control How Much Refill You Use

Dékor Plus Refills are one long continuous liner with no preset perforations. Empty as often as you like after one particularly stinky change, or when the pail is totally full. You control how often you empty the pail and how much refill you want to use. Emptying your diaper pail more frequently will keep odors in your nursery to a minimum.

Fits All Dékor Plus Pails

Dékor Hands-Free Diaper Pails are designed for life after diapers.

The new End of Liner Markings also make it easier to know when it is time to order more refills.

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Dékor Refills Make Emptying Your Pail Convenient & Easy

dekor hands-free diaper pail easy-access service door

dekor hands-free diaper pail child-safe door-mounted cutter

tie a new knot in dekor refill


When ready to empty your Dékor Hands-Free Diaper Pail, open the easy-access service door and pull out the Dékor Refill just far enough to remove the contents.


Use the child-safe cutter conveniently mounted on the door to cut the Dékor Refill. Pro Tip: Allow for room to tie a knot in the used ‘bag’ before disposing of it curbside.


Tie a new knot in the bottom of the Dékor Refill to form a new ‘bag.’ Close the service door, and you are done.

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Installing A New Dékor Plus Refill Is Easy


Installing a new Dékor Plus Refill once the old one is spent is really easy. First, open the Top Frame of your Dékor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail and lift out the empty Reusable Cartridge.


Next, slide a new Dékor Plus Refill over the empty Cartridge, following the directions printed on the Paper Band. Once the Refill is in place, remove the Paper Band.


Pull up 18 inches of the Outer layer of the Refill and reinstall the Cartridge inside the Pail. Push the Refill through the center of the Cartridge and close the Top Frame.


Open the Service Door and pull the Dékor Plus Refill down into the Pail. Finally, tie a knot on the bottom and you are ready for your next diaper change.

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The Most Economical Diaper Pail Refill System

Dékor Hands-Free Diaper Pails use less refill per diaper on the market.

Dékor Plus Refills hold substantially more newborn diapers per refill.

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