Command Large Utility Hooks, 7-Hooks, 12-Strips, Organize Damage-Free


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INCLUDES – 7 hooks, 12 large indoor strips; 1 hook holds 5 lbs


Command Damage-Free Hanging

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Small Wire Hooks

Medium Designer Hooks

Large Utility Hooks

Broom Gripper

Spray Bottle Hanger

Indoor Refill Strips


0.5 lb

3 lbs

5 lbs

up to 4 lbs

32 fl oz

Additional Sizes/Colors

Also available in Medium, Clear

Also available in Small, Large

Also available in Small, Medium, Jumbo

Available in Mini, Small, Medium. and Large

Great for Hanging

Keys, Calendar, Oven mitts, Kitchen utensils, Measuring cups and spoons, Belts, Lightweight decorations

Bag, Backpack, Hats, Dog leash

Extension cord, Curtain rod, Backpack, Banner

Brooms, Mops, Swiffer WetJet Mop

Spray bottles under the sink or in the laundry room

Re-use with indoor hooks

Indoor Damage-Free Hanging Surfaces

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Command FAQ

Command FAQ

Can I use Command General Purpose Hooks to hang jackets, backpacks, pursues and wreaths?

Yes. Follow all package instructions and check product details for weight capacity of each hook. For reference: a 16 oz bag of coffee weighs one pound, a standard 3 lb bag of apples weighs three pounds, and a standard bag of potatoes weighs five pounds.

Can all Command Indoor Hooks hold near a shower or will it hold a wet towel?

We recommending using water-resistant Command Bath Products in the bathroom or shower, which are made specifically to hold in humid and wet environments.

Usage Tips

Wait 7 days after painting before use

Do not hang over beds or on wallpaper?

Do not hang valuable or irreplaceable items?

Use indoors 50º-105ºF

Prep wall with isopropyl rubbing alcohol before hanging

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Picture Hanging



General Purpose





Indoor, excluding bathrooms or humid environments

Indoor, excluding bathrooms or humid environments

Indoor, excluding bathrooms or humid environments

Indoor or Outdoor

Indoor or Outdoor

Water-Resistant Strips



Great for hanging

Picture Frames, Wall-art, Mirrors, Canvas, Posters, Wall-clocks, Letters, Home Décor

Home Décor, Wreaths, Jackets, Keys, Bags and Purses, Jewelry, Scarves, Accessories

Lights, Jewelry, Accessories, Keys, Wreath, Home Décor

Brooms, Hats and Jackets, Keys, Clipboards, Office supplies, Bags and Purses, Cleaning Supplies

Towels, Robes, Loofahs and scrubs, Soap and toiletries, Make-up, Kids bath toys, Shower storage, Vanity storage

String lights, Rope lights, Wreaths, Seasonal décor, Party decorations, Grill utensils, Thermometer, Bird feeder