Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch Toilet Paper, 18 Family Mega Rolls = 90 Regular Rolls


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OUR UNIQUE CLEAN TOUCH. Available at Amazon


Charmin Ultra Strong's diamond weave texture

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Get mega value with Charmin's long-lasting toilet paper.

Discover our Unique Strong Clean Touch, Long-Lasting Toilet Paper

Exceptional cleaning without compromising softness. Charmin Ultra Strong Family Mega Roll has 5x more sheets per roll* and is a great way to keep everyone’s hiney shiny without having to change the roll as often! It’s more convenient, more value and more ‘gos’ per roll.* Order for a longer lasting TP for you and your family.

*vs. Charmin Regular Roll

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Unique Clean Touch

25% More Sheets

Get TP To Your Door

Diamond Weave Texture

We designed Charmin Ultra Strong Family Mega Roll with a unique diamond weave texture to leave you with an even cleaner touch than flat textured toilet paper could. Enjoy a confident Charmin clean every time!

Family Mega Roll = Mega Value

Charmin Ultra Strong Family Mega Roll is a long-lasting roll. It has 25% more sheets* and was created to be a perfect fit for you and your family. Enjoy the go with Charmin Ultra Strong Family Mega Roll!

*per role vs Charmin Mega Roll

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Charmin Beyond the Roll

Charmin is manufactured in the USA.

Charmin has a commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Charmin is responsible sourced.

Made With American Jobs

Charmin is proudly manufactured in the USA. 100% of Charmin products are made with American jobs that support thousands of employees and their families.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

At Charmin, we bring our commitment to the environment and sustainablility to life through our partnerships with leading conservation organizations, such as the Rainforest Alliance.

Responsibly Sourced

100% of the pulp used to make our toilet paper is from responsibly managed forests. For every tree we use, at least one is regrown and we do not participate in any deforestation practices.

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