BV Mini Bike Pump Portable Frame Pump, 120PSI High Pressure – Smart Valve Fits Presta & Schrader


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Smart Valve Design: can be used with both Presta and Schrader


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About BV

BV creates innovative equipment for recreational, commuting, and touring cyclists.

Our products are designed and built to help riders enjoy cycling with more comfort, convenience and some extra style.

BV Mini Gray Bike Pump with versitale valve head

Highly versatile and ready to go when you are!

The BV-GP99 is a super compact and lightweight, high pressure

It’s valve is automatically compatible with both Presta and Schrader.

It comes with a bracket that mounts where a bottle cage would mount on a bike (down tube or seat tube). Securing strap is attached to mounting bracket for extra hold on the mini pump while riding. Mounting bracket is made for mounting on multiple bike frame locations (i.e. down tube or seat tube). The pump securely snaps into the mount for a snug fit.

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bonus needles

Bonus Sport Ball Needle and Inflatable Device

This bike floor pump can also be used on inflating sport balls and pool floats or water tubes. It can work on basketball, football, volleyball and soccer ball, or pool floats like swim rings and river tubes. So that is why we provide an extra bonus of ball inflating needle and inflatable device with your floor pump.

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One pump for many uses


kids bike


inflating floatie


Use our bonus Ball Needle to inflate any type of balls

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Adult/Kids Bikes

Presta/Schrader valve is great for using on any bike. Great for adult bikes but also small enough to fit in those tiny wheels.


Multi functional pump can also inflate wheels on strollers. Make sure your stroller is easy to push on your walks.


Are you tired of air inflating floaties for your kids? Look no further. Bonus air nozzle is prefect for saving your lungs. Just attach yellow nozzle and you are good to start inflating.

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pump head

Smart Valve Pump

No Valve Changing Needed. Our pump is automatically compatible with both Presta and Schrader.

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Smart Valve Mini Pump

Twin Valve Pump

Twin Valve Pump

PSI Gauge



Pump Head

Smart valve

Twin valve

Twin valve

Compatible Valve Type

Presta, Schrader

Presta, Schrader, Dunlop

Presta, Schrader, Dunlop


120 PSI

160 PSI

160 PSI

Length of Hose

9.8 inch

34 inch

34 inch

Large Base

9.4 inch

9.4 inch


3 oz

2.5 lbs

2.5 lbs