BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright 5 LED Headlight, 3 LED Taillight, Quick-Release


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5 LED headlight, tool-less handlebar mount, 30-40 feet range, quick-release mount



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About BV:

Bv creates innovative equipment for recreational, commuting, and touring cyclists.

BV Headlight and Taillight Safety Bike Light Set

Enjoy Cycling in the Dark

The headlight and taillight bike light set can light your way up to 150 feet away.

Easy to install with the toolless handlebar mount

Easy to remove the headlight and taillight from your bike with the quick-release mount

5 LED Headlight;3 LED Taillight

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Headlight Installation


Quick Release & Easy Install

The headlight comes with both screw mount and strap mount. It can be quickly and easily removed for security or other uses.

Takes (4) AAA Batteries

The battery compartment fits 4 AAA batteries and installs by unscrewing the front light cap.

5-LED Design

Featuring 5 LED’s for the headlight, you’ll see clearly down the road with this headlight.

3-LED Design

Featuring 3 LED’s for the taillight, the brightness of the taillight will make sure you’re seen and safe in your travels.

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Taillight Installation

STRAP mount


Quick Release & Easy Install

The headlight and taillight both can be quickly and easily attached with a push and a slide. The strap design makes it convenient to adjust for different seat-post diameters.

Takes (2) AAA Batteries

Simply use a coin or key to open the light; The battery compartment fits 2 AAA batteries.

Safety First

The taillight can also hang on your saddle bag. This ensures you’re seen from behind even with bags on your bike.

Multiple Uses

The tailllight’s compact size offers multiple uses – including hiking, running, biking, and dog-walking.

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Cyclesafe-Light Set

Elite – Super Bright

Professional – Chromium

Cyclesafe -Tail Lights

Cyclesafe – Safty Light

Brightness in Lumens – Headlight

35 Lumens

300 Lumens

800 Lumens

27 Lumens

Brightness in Lumens – Tailight

3 Lumens

35 Lumens

65 Lumens

3 Lumens

Battery Size

Headlight: AAAx4; Taillight: AAAx2

Headlight: 3.7V Li-on 1300mAh; Tailight: 3.7V Li-on 320mAh

Headlight: 3.7V Li-on 2500mAh; Tailight: 3.7V Li-on 450mAh

Taillight: AAAx2

Headlight: AAAx2; Taillight: AAAx2

Headlight Rechargeable with Low Battery Indicator



Taillight Rechargeable with Low Battery Indicator



Headlight Modes


Steady-1/2 Steady-Flash-Off

Steady-3/4 Steady-1/2 Steady-1/4 Steady-Flash-Off



Taillight Modes


Steady-1/2 Steady-Flash-Off