AdTech 10 inch Hot Sticks Full-Size Multi-Temp 5-lb Box All-Purpose Glue Sticks-7/16 X10 5lb, 5 POUND, Clear, 5 Lbs


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Multi Temp for high and low temperature glue guns


transparent clear hot glue sticks

AdTech hot glue bonds virtually EVERYTHING in 30 seconds or less!

Buy in Bulk and Save

Have plenty of hot glue on hand with AdTech’s 5 LB box of Multi-Temp hot melt glue sticks! These glue sticks can be used in just about any glue gun and are crystal clear – so clear you can read text through them!

Strong, Fast Bonds

AdTech glue sticks are perfect for just about any craft or DIY project where strength and almost-instant curing time are desired.

Made in the USA

Our craft hot glue sticks are manufactured and quality-controlled in our facility in Hampton, NH.

Multi-Temp for High and Low Temperature Glue Guns

AdTech hot glue bonds strong in less than 30 seconds.

Non-toxic, clear and non-yellowing.

Bonds virtually EVERYTHING! Wood, metal, glass, cardboard, paper, card stock, and more.

No waste – Never dries out.

AdTech Glue Sticks are the crafter’s preferred choice 5 to 1 over alternative hot melt glue sticks.

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