3 in 1 Postpartum Support – Recovery Belly/waist/pelvis Belt Shapewear Slimming Girdle, Beige, One Size

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?TWO SIZE AVAILABLE – One size version Waist belt -41.3″ x 9″, Fits waistline 26″-39″,belly belt -37.4″ x 9″, Fits Stomach 26″-36.7″ , Pelvis belt– 43″ x 6″, Fits hipline 32.7″-42″ ?***PLUS SIZE for weight of going to birth over 190lbs?size details please refer to the description.


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Why should I use Belly Belt? Belly belt is designed to prevent postpartum abdominal muscle relaxation and visceral ptosis. To promote uterine contractions and postpartum pelvic recovery correction. To help puerpera regain their beautiful curves. How to Maximize Results To maximize results start wearing this belt immediately after delivery and wear the band as much as possible during the day and night. As soon as you put on the belly band you will feel its slimming support and look instantly slimmer. Continue binding by wearing the belly band until you are back to your pre-baby self or no longer need additional abdominal support.

A: Belly belt- helps getting your stomach and muscles half way back to normal, recommend to use when 1~7 days after natural childbirth

B: Waist belt- helps flatten the belly,redefine the waistline,relief back pain,combined the use with stomach belt will accelerate the effectiveness, recommend to use 1~6 weeks after natural childbirth or stitching healing from c- section

C: Pelvis belt- helps speeding up the contraction of pelvis and stretched to fit the natural curves of your body,recommend to use7-42 weeks after Natural birth/Stitching healing after c-section

(Please don’t worry, Package include: 1pc instructions , it will guide you how to use and when to use)

Size Details:
one size fit US size 6-12 (If you are purchasing after birth, choose based on your current waist size or weight) One size for Weight of Going to Birth:less than 190lbs Plus size for Weight of Going to Birth: over 190lbs One size for your reference
Belly belt — 37.4″ x 9″, Fits Stomach 26″-36.7″
Waist belt — 41.3″ x 9″, Fits waistline 26″-39″
Pelvis belt– 43″ x 6″, Fits hipline 32.7″-42″

Plus size for your reference
Belly belt — 41.4″ x 9″, Fits Stomach 35″-40″
Waist belt — 45.3″ x 9″, Fits waistline 38″-44″
Pelvis belt– 47″ x 6″, Fits hipline 40″-46″
?1)Not intended for use during pregnancy.
?2)Please DO NOT dress the belt when sleeping.
?3)Wash it with clean water before your first use.
?4)Avoid contact with the skin directly,recommend to wear an undershirt under the belt.
?5)If you feel uncomfortable during the using process, recommend to adjust the tighten or reduce the using time.
?6)In order to help you get your body back to its former post childbirth more quickly, we recommend you combine exercise and calorie control with the use of this product, you will see a BIG difference very soon.

More details

Breathable & stretchy mesh fabric. Suitable for any c-section and natural childbirth.

Adjustable hook and loop allows put it on easily by yourself and pull is equal from both sides,readjust how tight you want it without taking off the band, keep you supported for a long time.

Exquisite technology workmanship.Perfect high-end quality

3 in 1 postpartum belly band & 2 in 1 postpartum belly band

postpartum belly band